A complete breakdown of yoga benefits [The only guide you’ll need]

Sofa Yoga for Seniors

The beauty of yoga is that everyone will find something that resonates with them. Whether it might be the physical benefits of getting in shape and becoming more flexible or the mental benefits of reducing stress and dealing with anxiety, everyone will find some merit. In the case of seniors, the exercises shouldn't be highly demanding for joints and muscles and modified to some extent. But that doesn't mean that the results will be worse than for others. In fact, starting your yoga journey late will reap more benefits than you can imagine!

Here’s everything anyone needs to know about types of yoga, poses, and all the benefits that come from the elegant form of exercise that is yoga.

Types of yoga that anyone can do:

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It is important to first get the go-ahead from a medical professional and then choose a type of yoga based on your fitness level. Here are the recommended yoga types :

     1. Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is an ancient type of yoga, in which practitioners hold poses for longer periods than usual. It's an amazing choice for seniors, especially those starting out to get into the yoga groove.

     2. Restorative yoga

Restorative yoga is similar to yin yoga as it is also low impact and doesn’t place excessive stress on your joints or muscles. Instead, it mostly focuses on building a connection between the mind and body and can help with chronic pain or other health issues.

     3. Sofa yoga

Sofa yoga is a perfect combination of yin and restorative yoga. It is similar to yin yoga because the focus is on lengthening connective tissues rather than building muscle. Also, through deep breathing and other techniques, you can build a connection between the mind and the body just like in restorative yoga.


5 yoga poses every senior should practice

Although there are many poses with different purposes, these five are perfect for seniors. They involve a bit less movement and can be done with supporting props like a chair or a blanket. You will first need to master these poses before going into more challenging ones.

     1. Seated Forward Bend

This a perfect example of yoga’s versatility in terms of physical and mental benefits. Not only does this pose lengthen the spine and improve flexibility, but it also calms your mind and reduces anxiety.

Seated Forward Bend

     2. Downward Facing Dog

An absolute staple for any yogi and an excellent way to improve your balance and coordination. Not to mention, it also promotes flexibility.

Downward Facing Dog

      3. Corpse Pose

This will help you reduce stress, relax, and get rid of tension in your body. You will also lengthen your spine, leading to an improved posture.

Corpse Pose

      4. Bird Dog

Places most of the focus on the health and strength of your spine. This is not only crucial for improving balance and coordination but also could prevent injuries.

Bird Dog

      5. Supported Bridge Pose

A go-to for most beginners as it is one of the core poses. It relieves back and joint pain along with increasing flexibility.

Supported Bridge Pose

Want to try these and many more poses? Get Sofa Yoga today and get your customized workout plan, which can be done from your sofa!


Benefits for seniors

Yoga is a go-to tool for seniors across the world for improving both mental and physical health. Naturally, taking care of yourself is one of the main priorities as you age and yoga will do even more than that. Here are the top benefits of yoga, specifically tailored to seniors.

  • Increased Longevity

Yoga has been linked with a reduced risk of premature causality. A study published in 2017 looked at 3,000 people over the age of 50 and found that those who did yoga had a 20% lower risk of death over an 18-year period. This is not surprising as yoga can also improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart disease.

  • Sleep quality

Many older adults have trouble falling and staying asleep. Approximately 60% of seniors wake up more than once during the night. Practicing yoga daily can reduce restlessness and improve sleep quality by relieving tension from the body and mind. This is achieved with the help of deep breathing and other techniques.

  • Digestion and Weight Control

Seniors are likely to experience digestive problems due to inactivity, lack of exercise, and aging. The digestive system slows down as we age, causing more problems with regularity and constipation. Yoga can help seniors to alleviate digestive problems, as well as help them to maintain a healthy weight and heart health.


Yoga, with its versatility and numerous benefits, will not leave anyone disappointed. Especially it is useful to practice yoga for seniors as they can fight common aging problems and experience many other advantages. Knowing the right types of yoga and poses will set you on the right path.

If you want to experience the benefits of yoga yourself, you can get a customized plan for seniors from Yoga Detox. No equipment or prior experience is needed. The only thing required is a positive attitude toward life.

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