Sofa Yoga for Flexibility
How to become more flexible in 5 minutes a day [Your new yoga routine]

Have you ever seen those bendy people doing yoga and thought to yourself, "wow, I could never do that"? Well, believe it or not, those bendy people (also known as yogis) are actually practicing mental and physical discipline. And they're not just doing it for show – y...

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Sofa Yoga for Seniors
A complete breakdown of yoga benefits [The only guide you’ll need]

The beauty of yoga is that everyone will find something that resonates with them. Whether it might be the physical benefits of getting in shape and becoming more flexible or the mental benefits of reducing stress and dealing with anxiety, everyone will find some merit...

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Sofa Yoga
Top 5 reasons you need to try Yoga Detox [See what you’re missing out on]

You know what's great? Yoga. You know what's even greater? Yoga Detox. You don't need previous experience, a lot of time, or fancy equipment to benefit from Yoga Detox. It can be done at home by anyone of any age and...

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